Friday, October 3, 2008

First Grade Field Trip

Travis' class had their first field trip on Friday. We drove down to the Science and Nature Center and learned all about bats and arthopods! I'm so impressed by lots of things at the new school, but mostly by parental involvement. The trip was completely planned and executed by the home room moms. And of the 21 kids in the two first grade classes, we had 9 parents chaperone in addition to the two teachers. That's pretty amazing. When I asked Travis if he was glad I was there he said, "Yes. And now you don't have to ask me a million questions about what we did all day!" Not quite the answer I'd hope for, but I'll take it!
The two first grade classes. Travis is standing fourth from the left. Shortly after the group photo was taken, he pointed out to me that all the other boys had their shirts untucked and I always worry too much about stuff like that--so out it came!
A few cool photos from the room where we waited for our classes to begin...
Travis and his partner viewing a live, sleeping bat in the cage.
And amateur entamologists on a hunt for real life arthopods.
My little rule follower telling me I was breaking the silence by asking him to "Say cheese!"