Saturday, October 4, 2008

Backyard Campout

The boys have been wanting to camp out for a while now. Finally our schedules and the weather lined up and tonight was the perfect night! They set up camp between the playscape and the woods and we had and built what Cole called a "huge fire."

You can't have a campout without marshmallows and Cole ate his share for sure!
I taught them how to make S'mores and when Cole saw the cooked marshmallow squish on the chocolate he said, "That's beautiful!" A kid after my own heart! As you can tell by his face, he enjoyed his tremendously!
My three "Happy Campers!"
The sleeping arrangements were under debate--on Shayne's Christmas list is a family sized tent. Oh boy!
You may wonder how I'm blogging about this so soon...I snuck inside to sleep in the comfort of my own bed about 8:30 p.m. Yes, it's good to be the Mommy!


The Harley Family said...

That answered my question...I was going to ask at what time you snuck in and went to bed! Exactly what I would have done..looks like they had fun!

Joni said...

Looked like alot of fun, but I am with you on sleeping inside. You know us girls need our beauty sleep!!