Thursday, October 9, 2008

Class Celebration

I was able to take a special snack for Travis' class today in celebration of his birthday. At first we were going to do cupcakes, but yesterday he decided that a cookie cake would be much more awesome! So I, striving to be awesome whenever possible, got a cookie cake!

His sweet little first grade class...

When I told Travis that Cole would be with me when I came to school, he asked, "Have you considered getting a sitter?" Not necessary! Cole was sooooo good. He just sat quietly at the back of the class and enjoyed his cookie slice.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!


The Stoker Family said...

Happy Birthday T-Man!!!

Whitney said...

How sweet. I love them both so much! I have to tell you - I've become addicted to this site! Happy Birthday T!!

Jeanette said...

What precious boys you have.