Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Fun

My rockin' friend, Ginger...
...hosted an awesome Halloween party for the kids.
But I think the Mommies had more fun!
Not all the Moms wore costumes, but we couldn't let Ginger down, so...
...we had Julie the Bumblebee
Amy the Black-Eyed Pea
and Jessica the "Spice Rack"

Travis (Harry Potter) thrilled to have found the snack table.

Cole (Speed Racer) and his friend Andrew (Batman)
Travis bobbing for apples.

Cole munching on the apple he bobbed for...incidentally, he ate Travis' too!

Cole eating a marshmallow ghost.
Shortly after this picture was taken, Cole ate one of the Red Hots that were the ghost's eyes, realized he didn't like Red Hots, and dribbled Red Hot juice all over the front of his costume!

Cole on the way home...completely passed out!
The sign of a great party...thanks Ginger!!!