Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Go Knights!

It's t-ball time again! This year Travis' team is the Knights with super cool green and black uniforms and pinstripe pants. We've played two games and are currently 0-2, but everyone is having FUN!!!

The Knights take the field!

Travis talking strategy with his favorite coach!

Travis' #1 fan...notice we had to go to Academy and find a green hat to match Travis and Daddy's!

Ahhh! Cupcakes after the game make it all worth it!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter from the Myhand family!

Travis and Cole with Gran and Pop.

Flying Kites

Gran bought Spiderman and Thomas kites and we had just enough wind on Saturday to fly them. Pop and Shayne did a great job helping them get up in the air...over and over again! It was impossible to get a good shot of both boys and the kites together because the kites were flying high, but you can tell by the smiles they were having fun!

Church Egg Hunt

We took the boys to hunt eggs at Gran and Pop's church and this picture tells the story of the day... Travis was a very ambitious egg hunter filling his basket to the point of overflowing and Cole just wanted to munch on his snowcone!

Travis found 46 eggs and was very pleased with himself. Cole chose to not put one single egg in his basket and was quite content with that decision, too!

The boys both got bunnies painted on their face and were soooo cute!

Kindergarten Easter Egg Hunt

Travis was so excited about his Easter Egg Hunt at school he ate an extra good breakfast so he'd have "energy" for it. (Knowing Travis, anything that motivates him to eat is a big deal.)

Cole and I got there early and were able to hide the eggs in the courtyard at school for the class hunt. Cole was a big helper and loved his special role.

On our way to the car Cole had to "ride" the hippo statue!

Georgia Trip

We took a Spring Break trip to Macon, GA to visit Shayne's family. Travis and Cole had a great time with McKenzie and Morgan. They LOVE their cousins and it was so cute to see them play together and get along so well. Travis and McKenzie have always been big buddies, but Cole is finally big enough to keep up with Morgan, so they were tight too. GG called them "Bonnie and Clyde." I think they're big trouble together!

A highlight of the trip was fishing in GG and Grandpa's pond. Every child caught a fish! Yea! And they all got a boatride courtesy of Grandpa and Shayne.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Congratulations Emily & Matt!

My little brother got married on Saturday!!! The much anticipated event went off without a hitch and the happy couple are hopefully having a wonderful honeymoon. Welcome to the family, Emily! And our best wishes for a happily ever after for the two of you!

The posts below tell the story of their wedding celebration:

Our Family

Sharped Dressed Men

The Dancing MACHINE!!!

We saw a side of Travis that we've never seen before! When his feet hit the floor, he turned on the moves! Everyone was in awe of his dancing...and he NEVER stopped! He danced with everyone there and then by himself. He literally danced until he dropped (see him asleep in a chair in a post below)

Elsewhere on the Dance Floor...


Tuckered Out!

Monday, March 10, 2008


We celebrated the first day of Spring Break by going bowling with some friends from the MOM group at church. There were some big kids for Travis to play with and Cole was able to play in a lane of preschoolers. They used the ramp to get the ball down the lane. Both boys had so much fun and Travis even got a strike!!!

Rainy Day

Friday, March 7, 2008

Cowboy Cookout

Today was the annual father/son "Cowboy Cookout" at preschool. It was Shayne's third, but the first he got to attend with Cole. Cole looked soooo cute in his cowboy outfit although he wasn't too cooperative with the pictures. I think the Cheetos were his favorite part!