Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trip to the Dentist

Today was Cole's first trip to the dentist! I wasn't sure how he'd behave. You really never know with Cole. Travis and I talked to him about what would happen and it really helped that Travis had his check-up at the same time. They took both boys back together and Cole got to see
how to behave by watching Travis. That always helps!
Because it's a Pediatric Dentist office, it's totally set up to make kids comfortable. Here's Cole laid back with his shades they provide so the light doesn't hurt their eyes and they can concentrate on the flat screen tv on the ceiling playing the cartoons of their choice! Seriously!
Choosing a toy from the treasure chest as a reward for a perfect check up!

Showing off those pearly whites!

Waiting for Travis to get done! By the way, Travis only has 12 more baby teeth to lose...that makes me a little sad.