Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hook 'Em Horns

Shayne stumbled on a really great deal on tickets for the Longhorn's season opener. We were able to all attend our first UT game this evening! Travis enjoyed his first "tailgating" experience and Cole enjoyed the chance to perfect his "Hook 'em Horns" fingers he's been working on for quite a while! And we all enjoyed the chance to cheer the Horns on to victory...or at least a solid half-time lead...which was when we decided we'd all had about enough.
Hook 'em!

In front of DK Royal Memorial Stadium

Can you say "cheap seats?" We were at the very top with our own backrest.

I love the look on Travis' face as the Longhorns raced through the smoke to take the field.

Is this not the sweetest thing? Shayne and I just kept looking at each other in disbelief with a lump in our throat...I almost forgot to grab the camera and snap a picture. Glad I did, because it didn't last long.


Vas said...

amazing game, my kid enjoyed it with a

michael & dana said...

Your kids are adorable - I love that last pic! So glad you made it to a Longhorn game - yea Texas!! :)