Monday, September 7, 2009

Tutty Bear Comes for a Visit!

Travis' 2nd grade class has a traveling mascot named Tutty Bear. In history this year, they learn about all things the bear follows that theme. Thus the name...get it?
So, Tutty goes home with a student on the weekends accompanied by a travel journal in which his adventures are documented. The student then shares with the rest of the class on Monday.
It was quite an honor for Travis to be the first to get to bring Tutty home! And I was thrilled because we actually had a fun event planned we could journal about. We had tickets to the UT game so I suggested we take Tutty along. Travis was a bit apprehensive. But I assured him that even in a crowd of 101,000 people, I could be trusted not to lose a stuffed bear. I felt confident. And no, this story doesn't take a horrific turn...we made it there and back with Tutty safe and sound. We got a couple of cute pictures for the journal and I thought I'd share them:

In front of the entrance to the stadium.

From our seats, with an awesome view of the field and downtown Austin in the background.