Saturday, September 19, 2009

Soccer Season Opener

The soccer season was delayed by one week due to rain, so by the time game day rolled around this week both boys were way past ready! This is Cole's first year to play and he's extremely enthusiastic. In fact, on the way to the fields this morning he declared himself a "soccer expert" much to Travis' frustration. This is the best picture I could get of the two of them together. Immediately after I snapped this shot, Cole darted away to join his teammates.

Cole plays for the Red Rockets...Travis' team is named the Vipers.

The very picture of focus and attention!

Sadly, Cole's team lost. I couldn't keep up with the final score. There wasn't a great deal of defense on either team. But Cole-man scored two goals and he was delighted with himself.

Travis all sweaty and tired, yet victorious!!! Travis has played for the same coach and with most of the same kids for three seasons now. It's amazing how well they're learning to play as a team. Shayne and I were both so excited with how well they played today, winning 3-2 over a very good team. Travis scored the first goal of the game and was quick to remind me it was also the "first goal of the season!"

Here's to a winning season full of fun memories for both my soccer stars!