Monday, August 4, 2008

Fiesta Texas

Travis earned a free ticket to Fiesta Texas by participating in their reading program (you document that you read for 360 minutes and you get a free ticket!) So we all headed down there yesterday. It wasn't very crowded...probably because anyone with any sense was at the water park in the 100+ degree heat! We had a great time. When I reminded Travis that we were doing this because of his free ticket, he said, "Yeah, now I know why reading is so important!"

At the park entrance...ready for a day of fun!

Daddy and Travis in the bumper cars.

Trying out the video feature on my new camera.

Click the arrow to play:

Even though Travis is big enough to ride a lot of the more exciting rides now, he still enjoyed riding the kiddie rides with Cole...

Stopping at Johnnie Rockets for the A/C and a chocolate shake.