Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Dino Park

"Walking with the Dinosaurs"
Feeling the last days of summer slip through my fingers, I decided to take the boys on one last major field trip. We headed south to the Dino Park I'd heard a lot about and had always wanted to check out. We were not disappointed! We had a lot of fun and because it was an "explore at your own pace" type of place, both boys could enjoy it equally yet differently. Travis rushed about finding clues so we could check off items on our scavenger hunt sheet and Cole slunk around the path pretending he was "hunting" the dinosaurs. At one point he said, "If only I had my gun with me!" There were lots of dino statues, but I only posted the pictures of the major ones we all know and love (and I spared you a shot of recreated dino poop, which I must say, was a crowd pleaser...)
The Triceratops

The Stegasaurus

The T-Rex! I think this is one of those instances when Cole was wishing for a gun...he really wasn't as scared as he looks. The sun was also in his eyes.

Travis thought this was a lot funnier than Cole, who opted out of this photo op.


Jill said...

Too cute! I'm going to have to check that place out. We'll be sure to pack Kent's gun!

Sandy said...

You know I'm a blog stocker but I'm turning my son into one also. He loves the Dino Park pictures and could look at them for hours. Guess we better take a trip to the Dino Park!
~Sandy & Cruz

Mary said...

Hi Amy, I came over here from Jill's blog (in case you're wondering who this is, I was at Kent's party with Kelley)! I love your blog and all the pictures!! I've never heard of the Dino Park, I think we may try to check it out next I'm glad I came to peek at your page! :-)