Thursday, August 14, 2008

Two Lazy Summer Days

The past two days the boys and I have stayed at home. I know this shouldn't be big news since I'm a "stay-at-home" mom and all, but it is truly rare. I literally haven't moved my car in 48 hours! And we've all had a great time. For the first time all summer we've had some time to take it easy. We've slept late, stayed in our pajamas and played and watched cartoons. We've also gotten quite a bit accomplished. I've cleaned out both boys closets and the playroom. We have the car loaded with items for Goodwill and the consignment store. And although the boys could probably not care less, I feel organized and ready to start the school year. In retrospect I wouldn't have changed a thing about the summer we've had. We've kept ourselves busy as all the previous blog posts document. The trips and camps and playdates have been wonderful. But it is nice to have a few days before school starts to savor the last bit of summer. And as a mom, sometimes you have to stop and be still to savor the changes going on right under your nose. I recently came across this quote:

This morning as I was packing up clothes they'd so quickly outgrown, the boys were playing in the next room and I heard:

Cole: "Travis, will you be my best friend?"
Travis: "Sure."

I'm so glad I wasn't hustling them out the door and into the car, because I probably would've missed that!


The Harley Family said...

That is the sweetest thing I've have 2 of the best kids ever!