Saturday, January 16, 2010

Here we go...

Luckily Shayne was returning home from Brazil on Friday, January 15.  We'd planned to meet for lunch after my regularly scheduled OB appointment.  But I'd been feeling weird and decided that I'd pack a bag for the hospital "just in case."  Upon hearing this, Shayne decided that he'd just drive straight to the Dr's office from the airport.  Turns out that was a smart decision.
Circumstances were such that my Dr. sent me to Labor and Delivery for monitoring.  Great friends jumped in to take care of the boys which allowed Shayne(who still hadn't showered, slept or eaten) to be with me almost the entire time.  My Mom and Dad arrived late that night after an impromptu cross Texas journey.  We all were ready for whatever came next, although we hoped I would be able to go home and let Mr. Grant grow a little bit more.

Shayne took the boys to the hospital gift shop on Saturday morning so they could pick out something special for me.  What I loved more than anything is when they both crawled up into bed with me for some hugs.

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