Sunday, January 17, 2010

Big Brothers

Nothing about Grant's arrival went the way we'd envisioned it.  In my mind, we'd be able to take pictures of the boys holding Grant while sitting with me in my hospital bed.  But instead he was across the hospital in the NICU and the boys were forbidden to visit.  There weren't even any windows to the NICU.  So we took digital photos and video so that the boys could get a look at him.  It had to be a bit confusing...yes, you have a brother.  But no, he's not here and you can't see him for a while.  But they were great in the situation.  They had lots of fun with Gran and Pop and Daddy took them to do some fun things after school and in between visits to see me.

The boys got to sport shirts I'd preordered from my friend Denise  She thought she had plenty of time to get them done...but worked late Saturday night after she read of Grant's early arrival so that the boys could wear them at the hospital on Sunday.  So sweet.  I love this picture.

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