Sunday, February 1, 2009

My 34th (Surprise) Birthday

Happy birthday to me!
Shayne really outdid himself this year and planned a great surprise party for me downtown. All I knew for weeks was that he'd arranged for the boys to stay all night with my aunt and we were going "somewhere." Later I learned he had a hotel room at the Hilton downtown and we were going "out." Well that's a treat in itself...a night out with no responsibility! But what I didn't know was that he'd conspired for weeks with some of my best friends to make a big party of it!
At the Iron Cactus
Jessica, Julie, Mindy, me and Ginger
We had dinner at the Iron Cactus (yummy), and then had tickets to Esther's Follies (hilarious), then headed on down to Pete's Piano bar to sing away the rest of the night. Thank goodness the Hilton was only blocks off of 6th street! Shayne gets "Husband of the Year" award for this one! I'm so blessed to have the best husband and the best friends in the world.