Sunday, February 22, 2009

80's Party

My friend Ginger threw an 80's themed birthday party on Saturday night. What a great time we all had putting together our outfits! Shayne and I found a great website with 80s t-shirts and got these two from Sixteen Candles and Karate Kid. And the accessories were easy to find as all the stores are carrying this stuff...I can't believe it's come back again!

We had our babysitter take a few pics before we left. She got quite a kick out of our getups...

Shayne with the 80s style redneck mullet!
He had the best hair of the night!

I tried to crimp my hair, but it didn't take very well. I can't believe anyone ever did that on purpose. Our boys didn't really know what to think of us looking like this. Travis in particular didn't really like my shirt. I don't think he liked the idea of me loving anyone else besides Shayne. But we told him it wasn't a real person...just a character from a movie.

The birthday girl, Ginger with her preppie man, Trey.
Thanks for a great party, you guys!
We had a blast.