Friday, November 14, 2008

Sick :(

It's been a long week with a sick little Cole. Sunday afternoon it seemed like he was developing pink Sunday evening there was no doubt. Monday he had started running fever by the time we could get into the doctor. Tuesday he was on the mend and felt fine until he woke up Thursday with an ear infection. Another trip to the doctor later, I think we've got everything under control...hopefully!

The true sign of sickness for impromptu nap on the couch.

Travis' attempt to keep from catching "whatever Cole has." Actually he was just bored out of his mind waiting for Cole to be seen at the doctor's office. I told him that Cole was really sick and he should try to stay away from him, he replied, "I usually do anyway."
But, despite all evidence to the contrary sometimes, he really does love his little brother. On Tuesday, his teacher commented on Cole's health. When I asked Travis how she knew Cole had been sick he said that he'd made a prayer request for him during their morning prayer time. How sweet is that???