Monday, November 17, 2008

Guy's Weekend

Shayne's dad, Jeff, came to Texas this past weekend for a guy's only hunting weekend. The boys were so lucky to get to spend the weekend "roughing it" with not only their Dad, but BOTH grandfathers! This was Shayne's dad first hunting trip, and after this weekend, he'll be feared by wildlife in South Texas. He got a turkey and a buck! Not bad for a first try. He's a natural! I sent my digital camera and this is what came back to me...pardon the carnage, that's just part of the deal!

Jeff aka Grandpa with the turkey he shot.

Travis and Cole posing proudly with Daddy and his 7 point buck.

My dad aka Pop with Jeff and the boys. Also pictured is the 9 point buck Grandpa shot, of which Cole is proudly displaying the antlers!


Amy said...

Looks like a VERY successful trip.