Monday, September 27, 2010

Back to Blogging

A big unveiling...the blog has a brand new look! Gone are the days of Three Men and a we're a Party of Five. Hopefully you knew that already...if not, you'd better start with the January 16th post!

Well, what else is new?  Hmmmm....a few things have happened since December 2009, when last I posted.  I HAVE been taking pictures of our life as it unfolded.  I just haven't taken the time until now to properly document them on the blog.  It became too easy to just upload them to Facebook and hope everyone saw them.  Of course, not everyone who read the blog is on Facebook, so that's ultimately unfair. 

SO, for the last few weeks, I've worked to retroactively update the blog.  I've got 60+ posts saved as drafts.  I'm slowly adding captions and stories (as much as I can remember).  As I get them complete I'm publishing them.  So check back often and be patient as I slowly bring you our year.

I think I've managed to cover the highlights and main events of 2010 for us to date.  And I promise to keep up better from now on.  Believe me, I NEVER want to update 9 months worth of life all at once again.