Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pet Lizard

What happens when Daddy takes Travis to a sporting goods store? We get a pet lizard! I got a text message from Shayne telling me that Travis had lured him into Petco after they finished shopping at Dick's Sporting Goods. And how would I feel about a them buying a lizard? By the time I saw the text and responded, "I'm open to discussing it." they were in the checkout aisle purchasing our new pet! He is an anole and clever enough, his name is "Noley."

It's really difficult to get a lizard to pose for a picture...

Travis is delighted and so far a wonderful caregiver. He has to be misted twice a day to maintain a "tropical environment" and eats 4-6 live baby crickets a day. Yes, that means we're also cricket farmers :O)