Monday, July 7, 2008

Little Travelers

Travis and Cole have flown so much that they've become seasoned little flyers and it's made air travel for us significantly easier. They wear their own backpacks and they wheel their own suitcases. They can whiz through security, hand their boarding passes to the gate agent and charm flight attendants. Airports will never be hassle free, but life is a lot easier for Shayne and I since they've gotten a little bigger! Backpacks (or "carry on luggage" as Travis says) full of toys and snacks.

Sleeping (voluntarily) on the plane! Who would've ever thought this day would come??!!??

The first thing Travis does is study the safety pamphlet in the pocket of the seat back. Then he patiently waits for the announcement that he can use "approved electronic devices" which includes his Nintendo DS. This kid is a rule follower and it cracks us up!