Friday, May 9, 2008

Breakfast for Moms

Today Travis' Kindergarten class hosted a Mother's Day breakfast. It was very elegant--mini muffins, chopped fruit and an assortment of juices. As we were in line, Travis informed me that he would be serving me and proceeded to fill my plate for me.
Before we went, he told me there would be presents and something I would REALLY like! I got a bag of coupons that the teacher told them we could redeem ANY time and they have to do it. Among my favorites were "Clean my room" and "Pick up toys" I can't wait to use them!!!
We had to find our seat by identifying the portrait collage our child made of us. As you can see, Travis chose scrap fabric with James from Thomas the Train on it for my dress--a bold fashion choice--LOVE IT!

And of course, there was entertainment! The kids read "My mom is special because..." and then sang a couple of songs including You Are My Sunshine! Then the teacher read Love You Forever and of course, I cried. Travis is third from the right on the back row.