Saturday, April 26, 2008

Moms and Mateys

The preschool held a pirate themed fundraiser for mothers and sons called, "Moms and Mateys." The boys and I looked forward to it for weeks and had so much fun getting all our pirate gear together. As you can see we went all out with the costumes!

Travis loved the dagger in the mouth pose.

He's also showing off his skull ring, which was

his favorite accessory.

The cutest little pirate EVER!!!

A brotherly sword fight at the restaurant. Our group got lots of stares as our little guys pillaged the patio.

Mommy and her mateys


Ms. Gibson said...

This is a fabulous idea. The boys are so cute. I hate that I have never seen them in person. I will check this blog frequently to see how you keep those Myhand boys in check! I will also pray for you because it appears that you have your hands full! :-)