Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Walk Through Bethlehem

Travis and I had an amazing experience this morning at church. As a new addition to the yearly Birthday Party for Jesus, the church added a Bethlehem marketplace where the kids could follow a map from one activity to another. All the adults were in costume and "in character." The first stop was the census taker where we signed in with our family name and village. The other activities included toy making, fabric dying, stone carving, rope making, mosaics and bread making. When the bugler blew her horn, we all visited the living nativity (complete with petting zoo animals) and then went into the Family Life Center to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and enjoy a cupcake! The gifts we brought go to the children placed in foster care by CPS during the year. It was a great

morning and a great way to spend some "Mommy/Travis time!"