Friday, November 2, 2007


For the last two years, we've gone to the downtown "Treats on East Street" Halloween party where the merchants set up in the street and have games and treats for the kids. We thought Travis enjoyed it, but this year he asked to "trick-or-treat the right way." So, since we have no big neighborhood of our own, we went with his friend Austin's family in their neighborhood. We took out a Transformer (Travis) and Buzz Lightyear (Cole) Everyone had a great time. This was Cole's first year to really get it...the only thing he loved more than his Buzz costume was the candy! Shayne pulled he and his friend Evan (Austin's little brother) in the wagon while the bigger kids ran ahead. Travis was the epitome of Halloween safety reminding everyone to look before crossing the street and never, ever to go to a house without their light on..."they probably forgot to buy candy--or they're asleep!"