Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cole's New Room

With the new baby coming, we asked Cole to move out of the littlest room upstairs so we could once again make it a nursery. That meant he got to move into what was the guest room and get a BIG bed. Turns out we got him the coolest bed ever with lots of cubby holes and a "cave" underneath. It was also very important that he have a place to display his (2) trophies! He's so proud of his new sports room and feels like such a big boy in it.

Shayne's mom painted the ceramic football player shown above on the football shelf. It's got an Atlanta Falcon helmet (Shayne's fave team) and it's signed "Mom '79" on the bottom, when Shayne was 6 years old.

Shayne's Mom and Dad have a "magic attic" in which things from the past are pulled periodically and passed onto the boys. Luckily, Shayne had a sports room when he was a little boy and we received a shipment of sports decor from the '70s like this lamp which also came with matching bookends. Cole LOVES that he has stuff in his room that used to be his Daddy's.