Friday, June 12, 2009

Cole's Swim Lessons

The boys are taking swim lessons with a group called Aqua Tots and I would highly recommend them. Cole's first lesson was rough as he refused to put one toe in the water. He gave the excuse that it was "too cold" or "too hot" and finally the truth that he was "just a wittle bit scared." His friend Andrew is in his class and Travis' was right after, so I think he got enough peer pressure that by the second lesson he only put up a mild protest before giving in and participating. He turned around to me midway through the second day and said, "Mommy! I'm doing it and I'm super great at this!" Soooo, now he's very confident to say the least!

His instructor, Blake, is extremely calm and patient. There are only three little boys in the class and they're having a lot of fun together!

All smiles and splashes!
Cole on the right, our friend Andrew in the middle and our new friend, Colton on the left.


Sandra said...

That is awesome I just satrted my 20 month old in lessons she kept trying to get out of my arms I couldnt keep her out of the water...I love the pictures