Monday, December 1, 2008

Letters to Santa

Travis has it in his head that Santa doesn't accept any letters before December 1st. Which seems reasonable, so we go with it. Since today is the 1st, as soon as we got home from school, he busted out the paper and pencil to begin the letter to the big guy. Cole got paper and crayon and I helped him with his. Here are the highlights:
Travis: "...a wii game sistum...pokemon action figers...and more advanced age 7 stuff."
Cole: "...a Speed Racer jumping track, a white motorcycle, and reindeer games."
You might guess that the trickiest part of these requests is trying to determine what "advanced stuff" is appropriate for a 7 year old and what exactly he means by "reindeer games" which no doubt was triggered by the Rudolph movie. Hmmmmm...Santa's got his work cut out for him!


Joni said...

I know the letters to Santa crack me up! What to do???