Thursday, October 9, 2008

Evening at Chuckie's

We went to Chuck E Cheese tonight for dinner and fun in honor of Travis' birthday!

I don't know who loves this tradition more...the boys or Shayne!

Daddy is a major skee ball champ! He rolls up his sleeves and hits the jackpots (sometimes more than once) every time we're there. What a talent! It makes him a hero to the boys though!! Check out Travis' smile after confiscating all the jackpot tickets! Score!

Cole playing a new fighter pilot game that he really wasn't big enough for! He looks like the g-force is getting to him a bit.

We overheard Travis telling Cole a few days ago, "You know, on my birthday you probably won't get any attention...not a speck...and you'll probably cry!" Well, the complete opposite was true! Cole treated today as if it were a national holiday. The first thing and the last thing out of his mouth today was, "Happy Birthday, Travis!" He has a rare form of hero worship for his big brother. I hear more and more the phrase, "...just like Travis" associated with everything from the clothes he wears to how he plays with toys. So a day that's all about celebrating Travis? Cole was all for it! He really is an amazing kid!


Jeanette said...

My kids LOVE that place! We see the same hero worship in Anthony's eyes for Zachary. Funny, I didn't have that for my brother... but then again he wasn't the nicest brother on the planet and I was a girl... must be a boy thing. =0)

Jill said...

We have that same tradition! We go to Chuck E Cheese on the "actual" birthday (as long as the party wasn't held there a few days before--like Kent's this year)