Sunday, November 4, 2007

Opening Weekend

This was opening weekend of deer season, so of course we headed to the Hill Country. Travis and Shayne went out on Saturday evening and saw seven deer from their new two-man deer blind...none of them were shooters and Travis was totally exasperated, "I just don't know why we sit out here for three hours if we're not going to shoot anything." He opted not to join his Dad for the early morning Sunday hunt and of course, that's when a turkey hung out at the feeder for over an hour...Shayne was so disappointed that Travis wasn't with him to see it...maybe he'll be back in time for Thanksgiving dinner! Here are a couple of pics of Travis with his little "Cricket .22" and all of the guys in the new hunting vehicle.


whitney1782 said...

Look at those cute hunters! I can't wait until Thanksgiving!!